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A quick trip around The World of bath salts

Bath salts come from all over the world, and are as unique as their origins. Each type of bath salt carries its own benefits, provided the salts are used in their natural, raw form. Bath salts can come from the rich waters of the Dead Sea, or from hidden sea beds in the heart of the Himalayas. Salts are also mined closer to home - in the Pacific ocean

What makes all these salts different from one another, and how do you choose the right salt for you?

Bath salts from the
Dead Sea are extraordinarily rich in mineral and salt content. The Dead Sea is technically a lake, and is the second saltiest body of water in the world. So salty, in fact, that swimmers float on the surface without any effort whatsoever. There are retreats and spas lining the shores of the Dead Sea due to its highly therapeutic climate and geography. The atmosphere is extraordinarily clean and free of pollution. The climate is warm, and the harmful UV rays are filtered out, leaving glorious, healthy sunlight. Dead Sea
Salt is amazingly rich in nutrients and minerals, and are used in baths to detoxify and nourish the skin, to bring relief to sore muscles, and to treat common skin conditions.

Pink Himalayan salt is harvested from ancient sea beds nestled within the scenic Himalayan mountains. The salt itself was formed millions of years ago, in a primeval sea which supported the earliest of life forms. The salt is free of contaminants and pollution and is pinkish in hue, due to its high iron content. Himalayan salt is reported to contain traces of 84 minerals and nutrients including iodine, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Himalayan salt has been a popular bath salt for thousands of years, as it has been known to lower blood pressure, soothe aching muscles and joint pain, and treat dry, irritated skin.

Pacific Sea salts are harvested from the Pacific Ocean
and are also high in mineral content. Bathing in natural sea salt is known to increase circulation, lower stress levels, beautify and nourish the skin. Warm water opens your pores so that all the nutrients and minerals within the salt can be absorbed into your skin, cleaning you from the inside out.

When you choose your bath salt, be sure the salt is raw and unprocessed. Many bath salts are “over processed” before they are sold. During this process, the salts are stripped of all their minerals - so you won’t get the amazing benefits of salts in their natural state.

Buy a variety of salts and take a trip around the world in your very own bathtub!

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