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Bath Salts - The Newest Revolution in Health & Beauty


There is a revolution happening in skin and body care, and it may surprise you to learn that the center of this revolution is not some expensive new product that only the richest can afford to enjoy; it’s quite the opposite. People around the world are learning the benefits of an age-old past time, one we have enjoyed for centuries: taking a bath! While taking a bath is always a good idea, adding bath salts to your bath is even better. Bath salts are becoming increasingly popular, and are the most effective - yet inexpensive - way to truly treat yourself.


Bathing in bath salts is incredibly beneficial for your skin, your mood, your overall health and your lifestyle. Bath salts made from real natural sea salt carry many nutrients and minerals. When you soak in water mixed with these salts, you will experience many benefits - many of which may surprise you.


When’s the last time you took a bath?


Bath Salts 101


You’ve seen bath salts in all the bath and beauty stores, usually in glass jars and in a variety of colors. Bath salts are essentially sea salt, harvested from various locations and brought to you in your local retail store. They come in so many varieties, it can be difficult to choose the right bath salt for you. You need to make sure the bath salt you choose is of the highest quality and contains all their natural minerals and nutrients - most bath salts sold in stores have been washed and treated with harsh chemical processes, which robs them of all their benefits. At the San Francisco Bath Salt Company, we bring our bath salts directly to you from the source.


Bath salts are available in a rainbow of colors - you can choose the colors you desire based on your personal taste, or what you’d like to achieve in the bath: cool hues such as blues and purples are generally soothing; warm hues such as orange and yellow are energizing.


Bath salts can be found in different sizes, too. The grain sizes are large, medium, and fine grain - each size carries its own set of benefits. Larger grain sizes dissolve more slowly and are beautiful to look at. The finer grains dissolve quickly and are wonderful when used as body and skin scrubs.


Go Around the World... in Your Tub!


Bath salts are made using real sea salts from oceans around the world. Depending on their origin, bath salts all carry their own unique set of benefits and physical properties. Once you know what to look for, you can choose the perfect bath salt for your individual needs. The minerals and nutrients in each of these salts are essential for the proper functioning of skin cells and metabolic processes, and carry a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. Bath salts from oceans near and far can treat common skin disorders such as dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, psoriasis and more. All of these bath salts will help restore balance to the delicate layers of your skin while making you softer, smoother, and



Dead Sea Salts are harvested from the ancient waters of the Dead Sea, which is located between Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea, also known as the “Sea of Salt”, is not technically a “sea” at all; it is a hypersaline lake. At 30% salinity, it is the second saltiest body of water in the world. Anyone who swims in the Dead Sea will notice their buoyancy is much greater than in any swimming pool or ocean - this is due to the extremely high levels of salt in its waters. The Dead Sea has long attracted tourists from around the world to its crystal-clear, majestic waters, and is revered for its natural beauty and the health benefits of soaking in the water. The shores of the Dead Sea are lined with beauty centers, health facilities and spas. The salt found in the Dead Sea is extraordinarily high in nutrients and is incredibly pure, having formed millions of years ago and far from any pollution. Dead Sea salt is a marvelous detoxifying agent, and leaves your skin feeling cleaner and softer than ever before. Our Dead Sea salt is mined from the Southern end of the lake, where mineral content is at its highest.


Bath salts are also made using salt from the mysterious and stunning Himalayan mountain range. Himalayan salt, also referred to as “King’s Salt”, has been recognized for its purity, unique appearance (it’s often pink or reddish in color), and health benefits since ancient times. Historically and up through the present day, Himalayan salt has been used in baths to treat and heal wounds, muscle injuries, and various skin disorders. Himalayan salt is often regarded as the purest salt in the world.


We also find some great salt a bit closer to home: off the coast of California, in the Pacific Ocean. Bath salts made using salt from the Pacific are packed with nutrients and minerals. Pacific bath salts make a wonderful addition to any bath, and we bring the salts to you in their original, pure form. They are a bit less expensive than our other salts, because we get them locally.


The Secret to Amazing Skin


Bath water that contains sea salts will soften dry skin, regulate oily skin, smooth rough patches (on hands, elbows, and knees, for example), open pores and “feed” your skin on a cellular level. As you relax in the tub, the minerals in the bath salts are released into your skin on the deepest level, infusing your body with nutrients that cleanse, smooth, and detoxify your skin. Bath salts help your skin develop the strength and resilience it needs to ward off the elements which strip it of it’s vitality: dry weather, harmful UV rays, pollution, and more.


Bath salts are also powerful detoxifying agents. When combined with hot water, which opens the pores, the salts work to help your skin cells release dirt, oil, and harmful toxins, leaving your skin clean and fresh like it’s never been before.


Common skin ailments such as dry skin and acne can be treated in the bath. Bath salts have been used as a low-cost alternative to more expensive skin treatments and are regarded as quite effective in warding off many skin conditions - even those that are more serious. Conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes and hives can all be effectively treated by simply taking a bath with high-quality bath salts.


The Fountain of Youth


For centuries, bath salts have been recognized as a key component to any beauty regimen, and have been known to be a fountain of youth. Cleopatra took long, decadent baths and added sea salts. People around the world have known the cosmetic benefits of bathing in sea salts, and now people are returning to the tub for the same reasons.


You could spend hundreds of dollars on expensive serums, creams, or painful (and often harmful) treatments to make yourself look younger, or you can take the easy route: take a bath! Dead Sea salts, for example, have been shown to decrease the appearance of fine lines up to 40% when used in bath water. There is no reason to spend your hard-earned money on anti-aging “remedies”: bathing is an inexpensive, enjoyable way to achieve a more youthful appearance, and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.


You probably already take the occasional bath, so you’re halfway there. To make sure you are getting the most benefit from your bath, treat yourself to some high-quality, natural bath salts. Not just any bath salt will do, you need salts that have been unwashed and untreated; many bath salts on the market have been put through chemical processes that strip them of the many minerals and nutrients that help your skin look and feel its best. The elements in natural sea salts help your skin defend against elements that make us age more quickly than we need to: dry air, pollutants, prolonged exposure to the sun, and stress (worry-lines, anyone?). Bath salts also moisturize your skin, making it look and feel softer than it has in years. The nutrients in the salts have been shown to aide in skin elasticity, leading to a more youthful appearance.


Relief for Aches and Pains


Whether you love to lift weights, jog around your neighborhood, conquer the local hiking trail, or work in the garden, taking a bath at the end of the day can greatly reduce muscle soreness and general aches and pains. Bathing with high-quality bath salts helps your muscles relax after a long, hard workout, by reducing overall tension and working through osmosis.


When you exercise, toxins build up within the muscular structures in your body. You may be a bit sore right after your workout, but any active person knows that it really hits you 24-48 hours afterwards. Bathing in a solution of water and sea salt has been shown to dramatically reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. The warm water massages the muscles and releases tension; bath salts work to lift toxins from your body. The result: you leave the tub feeling limber and well-rested, ready for another active day without too much soreness.


Since both exercise and soaking in hot water can dehydrate you, make sure to drink plenty of water while you bathe. Use one cup of bath salts, such as our Muscle Soak salts, and lie comfortably in the tub for 20-30 minutes. Turn down the lights, and enjoy - you’ve earned it!


The Road to a Better Night’s Sleep


If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, checking the clock every hour or so and you’re just not able to fall asleep, try taking a bath at bedtime. Taking a bath before you turn in will leave you feeling calm, physically relaxed and ready for some serious shut eye. In fact, many regard bathing as a treatment for more serious sleep disorders such as insomnia.


Adding bath salts infused with essential oils such as lavender or vanilla will work to calm you and enhance your sleeping experience. Aromatherapy is a key component to your bathing experience and there are many soothing scents to choose from. When getting ready to take your bath, dim the lights and/or light some candles around the tub. Close your eyes, lie back and let the worries of your day drift away. Feel the warm water massage away any tension and breathe slowly and deeply to make the most of your

bath salts. You’ll be ready for a long, uninterrupted sleep.


Get Out of the Rat Race!


As a society, we have forgotten how to slow down. Between work meetings, classes, social engagements and the grind of the 9-5 (which tends to become 8-10 for many of us), there is little time to simply unwind and reflect on our lives. The result? Increased stress. At its best, stress hinders our quality of life; it makes us unable to truly enjoy our lives. At its worst, stress can lead to more serious consequences such as heart disease.


Treating yourself to a fragrant bath using high-quality bath salts is a wonderful way to relax and take a time out. Taking regular baths works to defeat stress in a number of different ways. First, it gives us the precious, solitary time we need to reflect on our lives, or to simply lay down, close our eyes and daydream. We can turn off the phone, tell the family or roommates we are unavailable, close the door and have some much-needed time alone.


Bathing also works to physically relax you. The mixture of warm water and real sea salt does wonders to relax your entire body, inside and out. To get the most out of your bathing experience, you can add some bath salts infused with calming herbs such as chamomile, ylang-ylang, or rosemary, and fragrances like lavender, rose and mint to soothe and lift you out of the “real” world and bring you to a restful, stress-free state of mind.


A Spa... Without Leaving Your Home


So you don’t have to take an expensive trip to a day spa to achieve results such as softer, healthier, more youthful skin; you don’t have to pay for a massage to relax your tired, achy muscles. if you’ve had a stressful week, you can stay at home all weekend and treat yourself like royalty - for next to nothing!


For very little money, you can invest in some high-quality - and truly affordable - bath salts, in your favorite colors and infused with your favorite fragrances and herbs. You can mix and match your favorite textures, colors, and scents, creating your own unique bathing experience. You can transform an ordinary bathroom into your own beautiful, private retreat. Fill some glass jars with a variety of colored bath salts and place them along the side of your tub. Arrange some candles around the room, and bring in a water-resistant stereo.


Also, bath salts aren’t just limited to the tub - take a handful and rub them gently in your hands and over your body. Presto - you have an effective exfoliating scrub! Bath salts are also wonderful as part of a pedicure, just soak your feet in salt-filled water and use the scrub to soften and clean the soles of your feet.


Play some soothing music, turn down the lights, and soak! When you’re done, you’ll feel like you just took a trip to a decadent spa, without the hassle, the money, or the drive home!

​We are the salt of the Earth. From our luxurious bath and spa salts to our worldly gourmet sea salts, we strive to keep you impressed. 
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