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Thursday, December 08 2016

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care, In Hopes That Some Salt Would Be Filled In There

Tis’ the Season for cooking so what better gift for your foodie friend or at-home cook than some salt that will add some flare to their dish? My top picks for stockings this year?

Ultimate Blend Stackable

You cannot go wrong with this salt! It is a blend of Himalayan Salt, Pacific Sea Salt, and French Grey Salt so it goes well on quite literally anything. This makes the perfect gift for friends and family who have a salt tooth rather than a sweet tooth. 

Sriracha Salt Shaker

I’m sure you know a teenager or twenty-something who can’t seem to have enough spice on their place. The Sriracha Salt Shaker is beautiful for placing on any table and will fire up tastebuds like no other. 

Fleur De Sel Chef Jar

Really trying to impress someone? The Fleur De Sel is one of our most exquisite salts. The flavor and slight crunch make a subtle impact on the palate that is perfect for garnishing any food. The Chef Jar is a gorgeous way of presenting the salt as well. 

Not only is it the season for food, but it can also be the season for stress for a lot of people. Soaking salts make an excellent stocking stuffer for anyone needing a little me-time.

Sleep Lavender Bath and Shower Shaker

Our Shower Shakers are perfect for your loved one who doesn’t have a tub but still wants a relaxing bathing experience. Sprinkle a little in your hand with your favorite unscented body wash and exfoliate your dry winter skin with the soothing scent of lavender. These salts are also perfect for kids because they are easy for them to sprinkle straight into the bath tub. 

Zen For Men Foaming Bath Salt

Men need a relaxing bath for some me-time too! The scent of this salt is perfectly neutral for either men or women. Treat any man in your life to this salt for post-workout, a hard day at work, or a weekend of yard work. 

Muscle Soak Bath Salt

The Muscle Soak bath salt is exactly what the athlete in your life needs to recover after a hard workout. Epsom Salts are known to reduce inflammation and muscle aches and pains. The Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils are an added benefit for the skin, mind, and muscles. 

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